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Electric power industry

Electric power industry

Arsesh Afarinan Pasargad Company invests in the energy sector through Pasargad Energy Development Company (PEDC)

PEDC was formed and registered in April 2008 with the objective of participating in the national and international energy markets in general and the development of Iran's energy sector in particular.

PEDC’s core businesses include hydrocarbon sector, power generation and renewable energy in which the fundamental of activities is approaching sustainable development with an emphasis on the environment.

Power Generation

Purchasing a considerable share of Khoy and Uromeyeh Power Plants, and also 100% share of Shariati power plant (Mashhad), were the first steps of PEDC to enter the power generation arena. Moreover several opportunities are under study for future investments.
ECA (Energy Conversion Agreement) is among these opportunities under which we have signed an agreement with government and we have set out all activities to install a 500 MW combined cycle power plant in Gheshm Island to perform to combined cycle.
PEDC, in line with DG power generation, is also establishing a 25 MW CHP power plant in Sirjan in Kerman province.

Arzesh Afarinan Pasargard Holding via PEDC has invested in three power plant projects with the following characteristics through its subsidiaries.

The subsidiary companies have two development projects in progress :

A) Urmia combined cycle power plant with an investment of 450 million euros

B) Qeshm power plant with an investment of 227 million euros (capacity: 500 MW)

The research work has been carried out and the projects are at financing and implementation stages. These two projects provide an opportunity to participate investors outside the Group.