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Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry

Arsesh Afarinan Pasargad Company invests in the energy sector through Pasargad Energy Development Company (PEDC) PEDC was formed and registered in April 2008 with the objective of participating in the national and international energy markets in general and the development of Iran's energy sector in particular.

PEDC’s core businesses include hydrocarbon sector, power generation and renewable energy in which the fundamental of activities is approaching sustainable development with an emphasis on the environment.

Oil and Gas

The petroleum, oil and gas, industry is the largest industry in today's world. It includes upstream, exploration and exploitation, and downstream, oil and gas refineries, petroleum product based activities, petrochemicals and related industries as well as shipping and pipe lines. In PEDC, these are individually and separately approached.

- Upstream

The scope includes subsurface studies, drilling, trunk lines, design, construction and installation of surface facilities, production and field maintenance activities. PEDC is interested in all types of contractual arrangements; leasing, PSAs, Service Contracts (Buy Back or otherwise), EPCFs, BOTs and BOOs.

in the field of drilling services, PEDC established in 2010 Petro Danial Kish Company (PDK) to render certain drilling technical service to the oil industry. PDK has purchased all machineries and equipment from reputable European and Canadian manufacturers and has provided services to reputable oil contractors such as PETROPARS, OIEC, NIDC and others. PetroKariz Company has also been incorporated for Directional Drilling services and has rendered some of its services form early 2015 and continues to expand.

PEDC has finalized a contract for purchasing two drilling jack up rigs specially designed for operating in the Persian Gulf. The first Jack up rig was delivered in early 2013 and became operational in South Pars gas field. The Second jack up rig will be delivered in first half of the year 2016 and will be employed in oil and gas development projects.


PEDC has several projects an locations under study to take part in the local an international market. for instance due to significant growth of light oil and bitumen consumption in the region and the world ,Qeshm Pars Behin Oil Refinery Co.as a subsidiary of PEDC has decided to build the refinery to process heavy crude oil with capacity of 35000 BPD and jetty for the export of products and import of feed offshore field in Qeshm Island.

In 2014 national Iranian oil Company invited reputable a specialized investors to build 8 gas condensate refineries, in Siraf, to process 480000 BPD of South Pars condensate.
PEDC has been selected as one of the investors to establish a 60000 BPD condensate refinery which will produce Naphtha and light hydrocarbon products for domestic use export.

Power Generation

Purchasing a considerable share of Khoy and Uromeyeh Power Plants, and also 100% share of Shariati power plant (Mashhad), were the first steps of PEDC to enter the power generation arena. Moreover several opportunities are under study for future investments.
ECA (Energy Conversion Agreement) is among these opportunities under which we have signed an agreement with government and we have set out all activities to install a 500 MW combined cycle power plant in Gheshm Island to perform to combined cycle.
PEDC, in line with DG power generation, is also establishing a 25 MW CHP power plant in Sirjan in Kerman province.

Chemical and petro chemical products trade

Considering Iran’s appropriate infrastructure and availability of vast oil and gas reserves in the country and comparative advantage of oil refinery and petrochemical plants, many of such plants have been established and many other similar projects are under execution.

This situation has provided a considerable trading opportunity in Iran’s chemical and petrochemical industries market.

This trading opportunity encompasses the sales of the products to local and international market and providing the needs for upstream and downstream industries, wich include; chemicals, equipment, spare parts and catalysts.

PEDC is also involved in marketing and sales of petrochemical products in the international markets as well as supplying Iran’s petrochemical downstream industries. For this purpose Behin Energy Saramad Co. is formal in 2012 and its corporate goal is to become one of the business leader in the Middle-East.