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Construction Industry

Construction Industry

Due to increased consumer demand lied in the age pyramid of youth in the construction sector, high efficiency and low risk which traditionally have crept among the public, the construction sector has always been one of the most profitable industries in Iran. Due to failing to allocate loans for the purchase of housing by non-specialized banks and an increase in housing construction, the market has experienced a sinusoidal motion with low volatility in recent years. However, the stability is a proof of the potential and performance of this sector of national economy for investors. The fiscal and monetary policy changes may associated with significant efficiency improvement of construction sector in the next step.


Investment and collaboration with mass producers in construction projects

Participation and investment in the modernization and improvement of old tissue around the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in Mashhad through consulting, design, construction, operation of commercial, official, residential, lodging, and service uses.

Representativeness for economic, technical and management studies in construction and housing sector

Hamila Project

Hamila is designed as a multipurpose project consists of office, commercial, cultural, restaurants and entertainment areas with the total space of 146,343 metric squares, 10 basements, and 17 floors located in Hamila Blv, Pounak square in Tehran.